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The Old India menu uses the best sourced ingredients and offers fantastic value for money. Genuine tender lamb, fresh poultry and vegetables are used in all of our cooking. We do not compromise on quality.

We use dum pukth cooking method which is a Moghul style of slow cooking, allowing for a truly unparalleled dining experience which sets us apart from the rest of the competition.

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Starters Non Vegetarian
KASHI CHOPS- Pomegranate infused Tender Lamb Chops £5.50
SEEKH KEBAB- Spice Roasted Lean Mince lamb Kebabs £5.50
MURG CHAT PUREE- Diced chicken and potato chat masala puree wrap £5.50
MURG MALAI GRILL- Murg Tikka with yoghurt and cream cheese £4.50
SALMON TIKKA- Tandoori Salmon seared with spice marinade £6.50
JHINGA TIL BHAJA- Blue water king prawn encrusted with seseme seeds £8.50
STARTER SELECTION- Comprising chicken tikka, kashi chops & subzi shingara £7.00
Starters Vegetarian
HARIYALI BORTHA- Spinach and mash potato patties with cheese and mustard seeds £3.50
HARA SUBZI FAIR- Spicy vegetables served with cous-cous £3.50
SHINGARA- Triangular pastry envelopes containing garden fresh vegetables £3.50
PIAZI BHAJI- Sliced onion dal and potato fritters in gram flour £3.50
ALOO CHATPOTI- Pan fried baby potatoes tossed with chat masala spices £3.50
STARTER SELECTION- Comprising Hariyali bortha, Aloo chotpoti and Piazi bhaji £6.00
Mains (£8.00 Each)
ACHARI- Chicken or Lamb in a tangy mustard pickle sauce
SAGWALA- Leg of lamb or chicken breast simmered with tempered spinach
DAL KI TAK- Chicken or Lamb in a hot sweet-n-sour arhar lentil sauce
BHUNA- A classic chicken or Lamb dish with fresh herbs and spices
KORHAI GOSTH- Diced leg of lamb cooked with in house spices, peppers and red onions
MURGA ALOO- Breast of chicken cooked with baby potatoes in a hot sauce
NILGIRI KORMA- Chicken or lamb cooked in a mild almond cream sauce with rose petals
Mains Vegetarian (£6.50 Each)
BAGAR-E-BEGUN- Aubergines and baby potatoes in a smooth sauce of tamarind, peanut and yoghurt.
KORMA- Garden fresh vegetables in a mild almond cream sauc
ROGAN SUBZI- Seasonal vegetables with cherry tomatoes in a medium sauce
GOBI ALOO JHAL- Cauliflower and potatoes in a hot sauce with peppers and red
SUBZI MILONI- Mixed vegetables with awadi spices
SAG-KI-KUMB- Tempered spinach and mushrooms simmered in a light sauce
DANSAK- Vegetables of the day in a hot sweet-n-sour sauce
BIRIYANI- Vegetables tossed with baked basmati rice served with navrathan sauce (£2.50 Supplement)
The Favourites
MACHI KI SALAN- Moist whole sea-bream in a rich Bengali style sauce £16
ZAFRANI JHINGA- Fresh water jumbo prawns in a saffron almond sauce £12
NEHARI GOSTH- Classic lamb shank with fresh herbs in a aromatic sauce £12
CRAB MASSALA- Fresh white crab claw meat cooked with hot spices & curry leaves £13
MACHI MAZADAAR- Fillet of salmon with Mustard seeds and tamarind water £12
ANARI CHOPS- A hearty lamb chops feast smoked with pomegranate juice £14
PALAK CHINGRY- Tiger prawns in a smooth sauce of tempered leaf spinach £12
MURG BEMISSAL- Roasted chickenbreast in a smooth sauce of spiced yoghurt and garlic £9
CHICKEN TIKKA / SHASHLIK- Chicken from the tandoor marinated in herb yoghurt £9
MURG DUM HUNDY- Half on the bone corn-fed spring chicken cooked in its own juice with mince lamb aromatic chilli sauce £11
MURG JAIPURI- Hot dish of chicken in a red chillie sauce £9
ROGAN JOSH- North indian favourite dish of tender lamb with cherry tomatoes £9
MIRCH GARLIC- Chicken or Lamb cooked with hot chillies and garlic cloves £9
CHICKEN TIKKA MASSALA- Nations favourite dish in a subtle sauce £9
JUGALBANDI TANDOORI- A sizzling platter with a medley of lamb chops, tandoori chicken, jumbo prawn and seekh kebab £14
HYDERABADI MURG BIRIYANI- Breast of chicken with fragrant basmati rice, served with dahi £12
BIRIYANI GOSTH- Leg of lamb cooked with fluffy basmati rice served with traditional home made vegetable sauce £13
JHINGA PULAO- Blue water king prawns tossed with basmati rice with fresh chillies and navarathan sauce £14
JHINGA CHILLI ROSHUN- U5 prawns cooked with garlic cloves in a aromatic chilli £13
Side Dishes (£3.50 Each)
BINDI- Fresh Okra stir fried in light spices
BEGUN BHAJI- Pan fried sliced Aubergines in melted butter and ground spices
MASSALA ALOO- Sauteed spiced baby potatoes
DUM KI KUMB- Pan fried mushrooms with carom seeds
DAL- Arhar and mong lentils cooked with smoked garlic
FULGOBI ALOO- Pan fried cauliflower and potatoes
SAG PANEER- Tempered spinach and batons of cottage cheese tossed with ground spices
Rice & Breads
LEMON RICE- Fried basmati rice with lemon zest £3
PULAO RICE- Basmati rice cooked with saffron £2.70
SADA CHAWAL- Plain white Basmati rice £2.50
MUSHROOM RICE- Basmati rice cooked with mushrooms £3.50
SPECIAL RICE- Basmati rice cooked with egg and peas £3.50
PLAIN NAN- Unleavened baked tandoor bread £2.50
PESHWARI NAN- Sweetened nan stuffed with fruit £2.75
HARA NAN- Choice of fillings: keema, onion, cheese or garlic £2.75
TANDOORI ROTI- Wheat-flower bread baked in the tandoori £2.50
PARATHA- Layered fried wheat flower flat-bread £3.50